You Are A Masterpiece Intensive Program

program Introduction

In this highly interactive and practical “YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE” Intensive Programme, Jackson Ng will share his insights and experiences for everyone to become a  MASTERPIECE in their organisation. 

(Some organisation like to name it as  POSITIVE WORK CULTURE)



Covid-19 has impacted everyone. No one is an exception.
Times of challenges are not for self-confusion but opportunities for growth, a process of becoming more sensitive, resilient and responsive to change of the environment, economy and public behaviour.

Explore the real purpose of life in this life-changing book and live life to the fullest. A masterpiece is not a perfect human being, but rather a perfect imperfection. Learn how to change your destiny in 7 key areas based on Jackson’s more than 20 years of discovering human behaviour and working with people of all walks of life. From his early journey as a boy confronting his obstacles to overcoming his challenges today, walk through the chapters to restore your life to its original intention.

Jackson believes that with the right mindset and heart to change consistently and persistently, you can perform wonders in your life and career. The secret is found in this “YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE” Intensive Programme.



The objective of YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE PROGRAM is to enable all participants in the new normal to experience breakthrough results, both in personal and business. In this programme, you will be equipped with

  • Powerful Mindset to stay relevant, resilient and innovative
    in the new normal. One has to accept the fact that things are changing due
    to the impact of MCO in the last many months. To stay relevant all
    employees need to  transform their mindset quickly to stay relevant.
  • New Skill set- the ability to think creatively and innovatively to solve old and
    new problems in a new way by applying 7R Transformation Model. 
  • New Knowledge– all the practical framework, model and practical steps that they
    can master and apply in their work and daily life to see breakthrough
    results at work and in life.
  • Behavioural changes at work by thinking innovatively and
    always seek new solutions.
  • Tools to create new solution to New Problems in the new normal
  • Clarity of purpose and direction in your work/business. 

Expected Outcome

After the training, You will be:

  • Clear about how to use their talent, energy and time wisely
  • Able to solve problems in life creatively and innovatively at work with new methods/ strategy
  • Able to stay focus in solving problem and avoid distraction from outside
  • Get breakthrough results in the area of health, finance, career, personal growth in next 30 days
  • Solve 100 problems in your life and work within 3 month.

Training Methodology

  • Presentation by Lead Trainer ( BOTH PHYISSCAL OR VIRTUAL MODE)
  • Coaching style approach
  • 100 day-challenge for the participants
  • Sharing by participants
  • Powerful Reflection
  • Coaching sessions after training
  • Questions & Answers
  • New Action plan 


We have done this training since 2005 for many organizations, both for government and private business sector. This programme was formerly known as THE NEW YOU PROGRAMME. 

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