High Impact Presentation Skill Program

Target Audience

Executives, senior executives, managers, directors, head of departments, bosses or just anyone who want to get MORE buy-in or results in your NEXT business or sales presentation. 




Executives, managers or directors are often invited  to present a business, a recommendation, a proposal or simply to speak and communicate. When this happens, 68% of them FAIL to do justice to the substance they have. Their personal competencies are undermined by their inability to present effectively. 

Whatever an executive’s expertise or level in the organisation, nearly every professional in business today find that giving oral or virtual presentations is an essential skill in his/her job.

Such presentations can be as simple as an informal talk to a half dozen colleagues or as daunting as an elaborate presentation in front of tens or hundreds of people.

Brilliance, without the capability to communicate or present it, is worth little in an organisation.

Therefore, the objectives of this programme is to help executives from your organization to develop effective presentation skills in only 2 days.

HIGH IMPACT PRESENTATION SKILLPROGRAMME is an advanced level presentation skills programme that requires participant to have some basic speaking experience.

Program Objective

  • To upgrade the technique and skill to present and communicate well
  • To develop impact and overcome nervousness when presenting
  • To be able to prepare and deliver an effective presentation
  • To be able to maintain the connection and attention of the audience throughout the presentation
  • To understand the listeners’ viewpoint
  • To be able to manage situations, issues and challenges that can be arise during presentations
  • To be able to handle question-and-answer sessions more effectively
  • To be able to prepare and use audio visual aids effectively
  • To be able to deliver powerful presentations that will move your audience to action


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