Entrepreneurship Development Program

program Introduction

Many working adults who are jobless or reach a stage where are burn-out and wonder is there another way to create income, this is the perfect program for those who dare to dream about running their own business or for existing business owners who are concerned about sustaining their business. YOU WILL LEARN THE COMPLETE BUSINESS FRAMEWORK in this programme. 

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This specially designed programme is aimed to develop young entrepreneurs who are fresh in the business environment. It will covers many of the fundamental aspects of business such as business communication, entrepreneurial skill which are hardly taught in schools or entrepreneurial skill which are hardly taught in schools or universities where the participants will be taught and coached on the theory and the practical aspects of business.

We believe when a person are given the business skill set, they can learn to take care of their survival needs and provide for their family. They will be more independent economically and mentally they will become stronger.


Entrepreneurship Development Program

This module will cover all the basic information and knowledge that young entrepreneurs must know in order to be successful in their start ups. More than 90% businesses fail in the first 5 years because the business owners and entrepreneurs are not aware of the criteria, requirement and commitment they need to be prepared in order to make it in this competitive business environment.

As we are aware, most people do not make it successful in business not because they are lack resources but they are lack of entrepreneurial mindset. They do not think and act like a business owner. They quit when they face business challenge, temporary cash flow issue or lack of manpower. Too many young entrepreneurs wrongly use business capital for personal expenses and have to wind up their business sooner than they imagined.

In the result oriented programme, they will be taught in depth on how to create their own R.I.C.E. so that they will be fully equipped for their business one day.

We do not believe the 5 days training will create miracle by itself- therefore Jackson Ng is giving all participants ONE YEAR grace period to stay in touch and ask his views should they face any business or entrepreneurship matters.

Program Objective

In this 5-day program, participants will learn how to think, act and function like an entrepreneur to create and run their business successfully.

  • Learn how to use the right tools to communicate effectively
  • Establish and maintain a successful communication with peers, superiors and customers. 
  • Master listening skills to know the customers’ needs
  • Negotiate a win-win deal
  • Sell your business ideas.
  • Influence customers to willingly
  • Think like a successful entrepreneur

Training Methodology

  • Lecture
  • Business Case study
  • Participants’ Participation
  • Business Model Coaching
  • Activities  And Debrief
  • Group
  • Discussion Presentation
  • Q&A

Recent Trainings

In Dec 2020, HRDC was sponsoring 3 groups of participants to attend our ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM IN 3 CATEGORIES: 

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we design our training solution based on your training needs

your business Growth is depending on your investment in learning

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