Dynamic Team Building Program

common challenges in organisation

In every organization, when you have diversity of race, generations, positions, religious beliefs, work experiences, educational backgrounds, exposure to past  work cultures, conflict and misunderstanding will tend to happen.

When you people are not united and work as a team, it is impossible for any organisation to win big in long term. 

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An organization requires each employee to work towards a common goal. However, to get each and every staff to work together towards a common goal can be daunting and is more often than not, a challenge for the organization and also the employees.

Every member of the group has their own aspirations, skills and attitude towards their tasks. Due to the differences in educational background, mindset, values, races and culture, people are reluctant to give their full support and cooperation to their peers.

This TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM is designed to build a cohesive team where all employees are able to work together as ONE HAPPY FAMILY. They will learn to solve problems at work together and synergistically.



The learning objectives as per listed below:

  • Help staff to step out of their comfort zone
  • Motivate and encourage staff to give the best result to the organization
  • Boost staff productivity
  • Increase staff performance
  • Enhance interdepartmental and intradepartmental communication
  • Provide chance for staff to get to know each other better and bond together

Program Objective

From the program, we aim to achieve:

  • Boost staff morale
  • Closer relationship among staff
  • Motivate staff to work better with each other
  • Better communication across functions
  • Better teamwork spirit and culture of ONE FAMILY
  • Less people problem & stress at work
  • Become more tolerant with everyone
  • Happier & healthier working environment

Expected Outcome

Through experiential learning and smartly designed activities at the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Eliminate self-centeredness at work and be willing to work as a team
  • Improve support and teamwork to produce better results
  • Create friendly and conducive team-working environment.
  • Create positive team work culture 
  • Displaying powerful, positive outlook for life and work
  • Higher staff motivation, peak performance, productivity and
    profitability (3 Ps)

Learning Methodology

Team Building Program is designed and based on the experiential learning model which incorporates lecture, games, reflection, debrief, discussion, sharing, group presentation, interactive participation, learning points note taking and work related problem solving situations.Since pandemiic, we have also this programme to be be one virtually. 

This powerful combination of multi-dimensional learning model will impact participants to develop important TEAMWORK concepts and ideas and applied in their work instantly.

70% of this program will be based on outdoor activities and 30% indoor (can be adjusted as per request)

  • Presentation by facilitator
  • Role Plays
  • Participants’ Participation
  • Sharing by fellow participants
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Games and Debrief
  • Group Discussion
  • PowerPoint Presentation


We can design and deliver a Team Building programme based on your requirements.

Since pandemic hit the world, all activities are designed to non-physical contact. Virtual team building can also be conducted over Virtual platform.  


We are able to customise to your training needs. For more questions, kindly click here.

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