With $200 share price, Apple’s market cap to hit $3 trillion by 2022, says investor Gene Munster

The AFFO growth rate and dividend growth rate are what attract long-term investors to Equinix. Based upon 2018e AFFO per share of $21.45, Equinix is currently trading at just over a 20x AFFO multiple. When you compare that with a high teens AFFO per share growth rate and double-digit increases in the dividend, it makes Equinix an attractive technology REIT to consider owning. However, when it comes to large wholesale requirements, these data center landlords have hedged their bets by building just the powered shells (about 15-20% of capex) and then finishing the data halls in a matter of a few months’ time.

  • This has been followed by ~7 years of mostly consistent growth and share price appreciation for the sector, with the occasional sector pullbacks providing buying opportunities.
  • This hides the impressive performance of DFT shares, which last traded at $66.31 per share, up over 40% during 2017, plus dividends.
  • Meanwhile, even with several of the data center REIT stocks trading 8% or more off recent highs, the investor returns YTD have been impressive.
  • It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation.
  • The detection algorithm is based on a statistical analysis of the inbound traffic on the server and a robust hypothesis testing framework.

On the other end of the spectrum are Paypal account details, Netflix logins, or stolen credit card details all available for less than $20. This annual report by privacyaffairs.com provides insights into some of the most popular products that are for sale on the Dark Web, such as credit card data, forged documents, and hacked info, and lists the average price of each product. The sell-off stopped only after advantages and disadvantages of floating exchange rate system the Federal Reserve took steps to cut interest rates almost to zero and restarted bond-buying programs that bought trillions of dollars in government-backed debt to get money flowing through financial markets. Stocks began climbing again, and accelerated as the government provided aid including expanded unemployment benefits and three rounds of direct stimulus payments worth as much as $3,200 a person.


Notably, DuPont Fabros , the top-performing data center REIT of 2017, has completed a merger with Digital Realty Trust . This hides the impressive performance of DFT shares, which last traded at $66.31 per share, up over 40% during 2017, plus dividends. A convincing argument can be made that faster chips will actually accelerate the demand for data center space, not the other way around. A few days prior to the Developing Alpha conference in mid-September, most data center REITs had been trading at or near all-time highs. When Google went public in 2003, it was a simple search engine that generated about $1.4 billion in ad revenue from its website and cloud network.

A rally which began in December 2016 once again rewarded investors handsomely, until noticeably weakening during the past few weeks. These tech behemoths continue to invest heavily in owned and leased super-wholesale facilities, spending tens of billions of dollars in capex amana capital review annually. And as the newest kid on the block, Tesla’s revenue streams haven’t changed as drastically as the others have. And while Microsoft’s flagship operating system is still one of its major revenue drivers, the company’s product offerings have become much more diverse.

I view this sell-off as an opportunity to buy the dip and establish positions in the hard-to-buy data center REIT sector. After nine months of record wholesale data center leasing activity in 2016, the past few months saw large leases in the US drop off, which was a huge disappointment for investors. Of course, last year Wall Street had to deal with a closely contested presidential election. Meanwhile, even with several of the data center REIT stocks trading 8% or more off recent highs, the investor returns YTD have been impressive.

The bull market turned a year old on Tuesday, a testament to the unbridled enthusiasm that let investors shrug off the economic carnage of the pandemic and buy stocks — and pretty much anything else. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. A similar pattern occurred in 2016, when data center REITs ran up 50% during the first half of the year, peaked in July, and then steadily deriv review sold off as the autumn leaves turned color and then fell through mid-November. The good news is history has shown that Moore’s Law is a friend, allowing operators to sell more power per square foot to customers as they upgrade with more and more powerful processors. However, while electric vehicles are still the company’s main revenue driver, Tesla has managed to dip its toes into other verticals over the last 10 years.

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Back in 1998, Apple went by the name “Apple Computer,” because at the time, the company only sold computers and computer hardware kits. However, over the next decade, the company expanded its product offerings and started to sell various consumer tech products like phones, portable music players, and even tablets. According to Privacy Affairs, there are several proactive measures you can take to decrease your chances of getting hacked. This includes using a VPN whenever you access public Wi-Fi, using different passwords for different online accounts, and investing in anti-malware software to combat unwanted visitors.

It’s known as the Deep Web, and nestled far down in the depths of it is a dark, sometimes dangerous place, known as the darknet, or Dark Web. The rain forest should not be chopped up, the pollution should stop, etc etc etc. Sign Up NowGet this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services.

Charted: The Dark Web Price Index 2022

With commission-free stock trading and easy-to-use trading apps, individual traders have emerged as one of the key drivers of the stock market. Earlier this year, Goldman Sachs analysts estimated that these investors accounted for roughly 25 percent of trading activity, up from around 10 percent in 2019. I relentlessly hunt for diamonds in the rough and rising stars in addition to closely following data centers, covering REIT blue-chips and breaking news. Please consider following me as a Seeking Alpha author if you would like to be notified when my future articles are published. In Q4 2016, there was a dearth of new supply (a lack of large-scale data halls) in Northern Virginia and Dallas, two of the largest US data center markets. Notably, this is not the case this year, as there are massive powered shells available for lease and custom build-out across both key markets.

aandelenkoers netflix

I am no fan of ESG ratings produced by the said rating agencies or for that matter any rating agency that devices standard methodology to rate ESG performance of thousands of companies. I am hopeful that the companies that are rated highly by ESG rating agencies are better equipped to avoid and handle these issues. The ‘ESG investors’ or cheerleaders who track and try to force fit ESG ratings on quarterly or annual stock performance are wasting everybody’s time. Addressing the long-term IT needs for public cloud, enterprise and software firms by developing massive data centers can be risky.

Who’s Gone Public in 2021?

The two biggest IPOs so far were South Korea’s Coupang, an online marketplace valued at $60 billion after going public, and China’s ride-hailing app Didi Chuxing, the year’s largest post-IPO valuation at $73 billion. The majority of companies going public in 2021 chose the IPO route, but some of the biggest valuations resulted from direct listings. From much-hyped tech initial public offerings to food and healthcare services, many companies with already large followings have gone public this year. Some were supposed to go public in 2020 but got delayed due to the pandemic, and others saw the opportunity to take advantage of a strong current market. Before LEAN was founded in 1986, polluters ran roughshod over Louisiana’s unique environment and way of life.

aandelenkoers netflix

In the proposed mechanism, incoming traffic to the server is continuously monitored and any abnormal rise in the inbound traffic is immediately detected. The detection algorithm is based on a statistical analysis of the inbound traffic on the server and a robust hypothesis testing framework. While the detection process is on, the sessions from the legitimate sources are not disrupted and the load on the server is restored to the normal level by blocking the traffic from the attacking sources. To cater to different scenarios, the detection algorithm has various modules with varying level of computational and memory overheads for their execution.

Companies Gone Public in 2021: Visualizing IPO Valuations

While the approximate modules are fast in detection and involve less overhead, they provide lower level of detection accuracy. The accurate modules employ complex detection logic and hence involve more overhead for their execution. Simulations carried out on the proposed mechanism have produced results that demonstrate effectiveness of the proposed defence mechanism against DDoS attacks.

Tesla’s stock is up more than 650 percent, while true believers have pushed up shares of GameStop by over 4,500 percent. The analyst consensus price objective for EQIX shares of $495.26 represents a 13.5% upside from the previous close of $436.47 per share. However, if you are looking for current income, Equinix would not be the ticket. Its shares rarely yield over 2%, and currently offer just a 1.8% annual yield.

Despite its many tumultuous turns, last year was a productive year for global markets, and companies going public in 2021 benefited. Netflix lost 200,000 more paying customers than it gained in the first three months of the year, and it predicts it’ll lose another 2 million customers in the second quarter. “Our relatively high household penetration—when including the large number of households sharing accounts—combined with competition, is creating revenue growth headwinds,” the company wrote in a shareholder letter.

Publishing our E-Alerts Environmental Watch alerts and the continually evolving LEAN website which acts as a vital resource to those in the environmental community both domestically and internationally. The ingredients are ease of trading, access to credit, and mass speculation — all of which are in ready supply right now. U.S. households are now more heavily invested in stock than ever before, even during the peak of the dot-com bubble, he said. “If that goes away or reverses, then the equity market will have a problem,” he said.

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