The ‘New You’ Programme

The Secret to Becoming a New Person in 60 days

Master trainer Mr Jackson Ng, who is also the director of Master Trainers Consulting & Coaching Sdn. Bhd

Do you ever find yourself questioning why the New Year is no different from the last? We often wonder why the New Year do not bring with it new results, when in fact, we actually repeat the year by falling back to the same routine and the same lifestyle. The truth is, the same mindset will get us the same results over and over again without fail.

In every ‘New You’ programme, master trainer Jackson Ng emphasizes that the New Year has got nothing to do with one achieving a breakthrough. In the programme, participants are coached to reflect and take stock of their life using a balanced scorecard to identify their standing on the various areas of their life such as work, health, money, relationship, personal growth and social contributions.

Participants of the programme will then know how to go about integrating change in their life after identifying the scores in the respective areas of their life. Jackson will also impart the knowledge on the ‘7R Transformation Model’ which he formulated based on countless research and observation. The ‘7R Transformation Model’ is simple yet powerful in helping one to acquire breakthrough results. For this, the trainer will go in-depth and help participants to relate their current score to their problems in order to achieve the breakthrough they are looking for. The model has been proven successful for both executive and non-executive participants as they do see results. For instance, some have quit smoking, are more punctual, improved their appearance, changed their lifestyle, able to build better relationships with others and, most importantly, bring about change to the department.

Back in 2017, Jackson conducted 15 sessions of the ‘New You’ for EPF, in which, each session comprised about 30 participants. It was an interesting session, whereby the participants were given one-to-one coaching. The participants had the opportunity to ask specific questions and received input from the trainer that enlightened them on their issues. Through the coaching method, participants have recorded and testified on their attainment of breakthrough results.

After the programme, the participants are required to execute the ’90-Day New You’ exercise. The participants were asked to implement 90 new activities over the span of 90 days. The HR and training department were able to see behavioural changes in the participants and improvements in their staff after the programme. One of Jackson’s client, Damai Beach Resort, improved on their security measures and also the uniforms of their security personnel. A few staff from Damai Beach Resort also managed to quit smoking and customer service has certainly improved.

The best part about the training is that it allows the management to measure results. The trainer will return after one month for a sharing session, whereby, participants will get the opportunity to share their success stories. This serves as a platform for the trainer to measure the participants’ results and provide input and feedback on the performance.

The ‘New You’ is a flagship programme by Master Trainers Consulting & Coaching Sdn. Bhd. Many companies that have subscribed to the training are delighted with the results obtained from the programme. In order to grow a company, it is crucial to focus on the people first before addressing issues of physical assets. It is important to first transform employees’ mindset before any change can be achieved. If the people within an organization do not change, it will be difficult for the company to achieve new results.

Do reach out to us as we would love to hear from you. We are keen to listen to you and find out about your corporate goals and see how we can synchronize your company goals and vision to the training. We will groom your people to run with you in realizing your company goals and vision.

As for individuals, you are also welcomed to register for this programme because the content in the training generally caters to everyone looking to improve their life. If you can improve in all aspects of your life, you can definitely excel in work. Everyone has an integrated life, whereby our professional and personal life affects one another. As a result of attending the ‘New You’ programme, you will be more focused in balancing both aspects and be able to pinpoint essential and non-essential tasks, increase productivity as well as performance.

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