10 Lesser-Known Benefits of Working Remotely Digital Nomad and Remote Work Tips

Since starting to work remotely, maybe you’ve seen a few positives that surprised you. You can even include benefits of working remotely employee profiles and social networking apps on a modern intranet, making it more desirable to use.

“In the office nine to five, five days a week… those days are gone”: qualitative exploration of diplomatic personnel’s experiences of remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic – BMC Psychology – BMC Psychology

“In the office nine to five, five days a week… those days are gone”: qualitative exploration of diplomatic personnel’s experiences of remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic – BMC Psychology.

Posted: Thu, 17 Nov 2022 09:42:36 GMT [source]

The most significant benefit of working from home is the potential to reduce stress levels. There’s no daily commute, you can sleep a bit longer, family commitments are easier to manage, and you’ll likely achieve a better level of concentration without the distraction of office chatter and telephones. There are many other benefits that companies could offer remote workers – but what works for one company may not work for another. Employers need to conduct their own research and listen to their employees on which benefits work best for their workforce. Taking care of the mental well-being of employees is vital, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic sheds light on mental health and burnout. Companies need to start providing adequate mental health training and sessions both virtually and in person for all employees.

In it to Win it: Making Wellness Fun with Gamification

The time you would otherwise spend commuting or trying not to have a meltdown could be redirected toward improving your physical health. By incorporating exercise into your working day, you’ll feel more energised and improve your state of mind. Whilst it’s impossible to avoid all work-related stress, it makes more sense to avoid situations and environments that trigger feelings of emotional strain.

health benefits of working remotely

When an employee feels their boss trusts them to do their job in their own way this builds respect. Team members can keep in touch through a modern company intranet, so it’s as if they’re in the office anyway.

Working Across Time Zones: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

Remote work has a number of benefits for employees and employers including increased productivity, access to better jobs and talent, and lower costs. Working remotely means that the stresses of the modern workplace can be almost entirely avoided. No more endless commutes, bright fluorescent lights, offices and employees that are always “on,” endless interruptions or office politics. It is necessary to have a dedicated space to set yourself up for success with remote work. Kitchen tables, living room couches, and similar shared spaces are unlikely to be conducive to the kind of concentration you need to get things done long-term. It’s a common misconception that it’s only employees who reap the financial benefits of remote work, as companies are also able to save vast amounts on overhead costs.

  • For many businesses, even a couple of decades ago, working remotely would have been nearly impossible.
  • Though the pandemic may have been the catalyst for remote work for many millions of employees around the world, it’s far from the only reason to work from home.
  • Unless you’re a large company, you’re competing with companies with more resources to outbid, out-perk, or out-cool you.
  • Skipping the commute and open-plan office gives employees more time to focus on their work and leisure, increasing productivity.
  • Remote workers need just as much support from companies as on-site employees do.

In fact, 35 percent of employees would change jobs if it meant the ability to work off-site full-time, according to Gallup. Companies that offer a flexible working arrangement, such as full, half, or partial remote work, could make the difference for a candidate selecting their next career move. Telecommuting usually leads to fewer interruptions, less office politics, a quieter noise level, and less meetings. Add in the lack of a commute, and remote workers typically have more time and fewer distractions, which leads to increased productivity—a huge benefit of working from home for both employees and employers alike. Rather than spending hours each week commuting, employees can work from the comfort of their home office, using breaks to spend quality time with loved ones and set time aside for hobbies and activities. This can go a long way in improving work-life balance, allowing workers to feel more comfortable in their work environment, less stressed out, and happier in their personal life due to the extra time afforded to them.

Communication is more efficient

Sure, it’s not always better, and fully-remote working can prove difficult for some, with the main obstacle being employee isolation and the adverse effects on mental health that can result. An AAT studyfound nearly a quarter of participants were putting in an average of 6.7 hours of extra work per week when their employers rejected a traditional office arrangement. These findings suggest that employees are more inclined to put in time working when they’re less constricted by routine. Study by Unisonfound the number of sick days taken by employees fell from 12% to just 2% when their employers implemented a flexible working policy. However, as a company, you have to consider not only the benefits of remote working, but how you will manage either a partially-remote or fully-remote workforce. More so, they offer employees peace of mind – especially employees that prefer non-monetary benefits when working remotely.

health benefits of working remotely

You need to give them a computer, desk, chair and anything else they need to complete their daily tasks. The bottom line is that just because someone is present in the office doesn’t mean they are being the most productive they can be. Google Docs is just one from a comprehensive package of online tools offered by Google. Google Docs is a free cloud-based platform within which you can create, edit, and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets. DSMN8’s intuitive desktop, IOS, and Android mobile applications enable easy use by all employees, whatever the level of a user’s technical ability. DSMN8 is an all-in-one employee advocacy, employee influencer and employee engagement tool. Zoom is a video communications platform that provides conferencing services via cloud-based computing.


The Global Workforce Analytics study estimates a reduction in emissions of approximately 54 million tons annually by moving to remote working for half of the workweek. Not too surprising then that organizations have noted increases in productivity, even as high as 45%, since moving to remote working. With far fewer office distractions, unnecessary meetings, less commuting, and a way better work-life balance, it’s easy to see why working remotely can have such significant productivity benefits. Hiring a remote workforce also allows for new employment opportunities for people who may previously not have had the same chance of employment had they been office-bound. Bridging the gap and allowing new prospects for workers with disabilities, or people who need a more flexible schedule can be achieved by hiring in this way. With ever-changing business needs, hiring remote workers also allows companies to adapt quickly to business requirements. This enables employers to quickly scale up or down as new projects arise or come to an end, allowing for better all-round business continuity and responsiveness.

Traditionally, companies have limited their hiring to people within commuting distance of their office. Unless you’re a large company, you’re competing with companies with more resources to outbid, out-perk, or out-cool you.

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